Join the Chautauqua Trail Membership

Happy Spring! I hope this email finds you well and safe! Thank you for your continued support and contribution to the Chautauqua Trail. Enclosed you will find a membership form to be completed and returned to my attention along with your $10 individual or $100 organization membership dues check.  If you wish to pay by … Read more

Why Chautauqua Committee Work

Why Chautauqua Committee Work At the 2023 Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting, a committee was chartered to develop common language about Chautauqua and identify characteristics and attributes. Committee Background The committee members are Karl Hansen (Bay View), Michelle Hansen (Bay View), Deb LeBarron (Chautauqua), Mary Lou Gardner (Chautauqua Canada), Gretchen Colon (Lakeside), Charles Allen (Lakeside), Kathy … Read more

New Chautauqua Trail Website

Chautauqua Trail Website The Chautauqua Trail rebuilt the website recently speeding the responsiveness, enhancing the colors and streamlining the functionality.   chautauquatrail.com Next, content, articles and meeting information will be updated along with new pictures, stories and information from each Chautauqua. Currently, we are collecting high resolution pictures and updated information from the Chautauquas. As we … Read more