Why Chautauqua Committee Work

Why Chautauqua Committee Work

Why Chautauqua Committee Work

At the 2023 Chautauqua Trail Annual Meeting, a committee was chartered to develop common language about Chautauqua and identify characteristics and attributes.

Committee Background

The committee members are Karl Hansen (Bay View), Michelle Hansen (Bay View), Deb LeBarron (Chautauqua), Mary Lou Gardner (Chautauqua Canada), Gretchen Colon (Lakeside), Charles Allen (Lakeside), Kathy Snavely (Mt. Gretna), Frank Gwalthney (Ocean Park).

The team began meeting in September and each representative completed a questionnaire about Chautauqua and had a series of regular meetings diving deeply into describing Chautauqua.

We reviewed materials from:

  • Chautauqua Movement
  • John Heyl Vincent Biographical Sketch
  • The Story of Chautauqua
  • Chautauqua Presentation by Jim Craft at the Rochester Library in Michigan

 Chautauqua Work Progress  

Today, we know families and people are disconnected, lonely and have limited opportunities for growth and renewal.  People and families are seeking purpose, dialogue and connection.

Chautauqua:  To explore together; faith, arts, education and recreation to be enriched and to thrive. 

Chautauqua started as an innovation in the 1870’s sparked by Bishop Vincent and Lewis Miller and spread rapidly across North America. Through the years, Chautauquas have remained steadfast and stands for dialogue, growth, commitment, purpose and heritage and a strong community connection.

Chautauqua meets you where you are on your life journey and guides you through life. It encourages you to step out of your daily routine and is a platform of ideas waiting to be uncovered. If Chautauqua were a person, it welcomes you warmly like an old soul friend – caring, curious, reflective and inviting.

The team will continue meeting and refining the work through the spring. Feedback is being gathered from representatives from each Chautauqua now. At the March meeting, we will dive into the material and continue deeper work together.